Gold Coast Queensland Australia

I’m not a professional photographer I don’t claim to be a photographer I do however capture moments with my Samsung galaxy S5.📷

My previous claim to fame was through Hook and Linen where I created and crocheted Vintage fabric floor mats aka Rag rugs which were featured in various magazines


I am a stay at home Mum  of 1, a daughter ,who has taught me to

(as quoted by shabby chic founder Rachel Ashwell)

  “Appreciate the Beauty in Imperfection ” as Miss J  was born with Cerebral Palsy.Mermaid beach 2007

 My journey on  making Hand crocheted Vintage Fabric Floor mats  started with a love of Shabby chic ,Decor Magazines and craft . While searching for my niche’, I came across an article on the pioneer women before us who made “do”   during the  days of depression and war, Rag rug making was one of them. I drew inspiration from this  while suffering from my own  “depression”.

 I taught myself to crochet and with the help of various sources , away I went. I Love it. It’s the stress relief I’ve been searching for. I love mixing the colors sourcing the materials and creating a functional item from an old-fashioned craft. Some things DO last forever.!..

 These items are Hand done with vintage fabrics which may contain slight imperfections, so if you are a perfectionist this type of item may not be for you. 😉



  1. Hello. You’ve got a great blog. Haven’t tried crocheting rugs yet … maybe in the future. I’ve also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Watch out for details in an upcoming post. Thanks for the follow!


  2. Hi, YOu are one very talented Lady..l heard about you & yr blog at our local vets on Thursday morning… So just found yr blog & what an inspiration you are.. Best Wishes to you three in yr future life..
    My 34 yr old son is severley disabled ( CP is one of James probs ) But we cope..l especially cope fairly well as l too have a diary- type crochet blog..
    l too, LOVE crochet.. Best Wishes, Pam.. Bingara, NSW..


    • Pam that’s so nice of you to say and thank you for taking the time to comment. Small world isn’t it. Crochet sure is my stress relief as I tend to get in my own little world and do not seem to notice what’s going on around me. Thank you again 🙂 Julianne


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