Casual and Carefree

Some days are better than others, on this day it was just perfect to, slip on a shirt ,slap on some sunscreen , slop on a hat, put on the walking shoes and hit the out doors.

We chose a  place in Oxenford,at the Northern end of the Gold Coast , Damin Leeding Memoral Park, a Regatta lake situated in the middle of a park , not suitable for swimming but hosts rowing, sailing, kayaking, and model boat activities. It also has a fenced dog free area.

The distance around the lake is about 3-4km, flat with  a nice wide concreted path, which is  well used by cyclist , walkers and Lycra dressed pram pushing mummies. The atmosphere is casual and carefree.

Hubby took off at a pounding pace ,while  I was happy to stroll along , stopping and starting ,nosing  at the houses and gardens taking photos.


back of lake
Back of the lake
play area
Childrens Play area
walkin track
Nice wide concrete paths


Orange Marmalade Grevillea
Bougainvillea trying to break free from someone back yard





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