Sun Scars


sunI love living where I do .. on the sunny  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia but …..

Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancers in the world. .

I often lay out in the sun exposing my body and face to the U V rays telling myself the Vitamin  D is good for me, even in my younger days  I would smoother myself in baby oil hoping to tan quicker and have the blonde hair ,blue eyes ,great beach tan look,despite warnings from mum to wear a hat and use sunscreen… pfft what did she know!

Bad news.. she was right … and I have had more than 3 skin Cancers removed leaving me in a high bracket for them to reoccur.

Good News.. They have not been Melanomas, which  is the most dangerous skin cancer and makes up about 5% of all skin cancers and result in death.

Bad News I have just recently had my nose sliced open to remove more skin cancers .

Good News .. Original biopsy shows them as being  Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)  , which is the most common form of skin cancer and makes up 75% of all cases , but  these ones have come back after five years , 9 in fact , and needed a wider area to be removed to hopefully stop the spread.

If the Warnings don’t put you off , slipping on a shirt ,slopping on the sunscreen and slapping on a hat , maybe these images will.


The scar is going to be a doozie

5 days later 11.7.2016

Stitches removed.

2016 - 1




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