Seen from afar

It was a bit faraway for my Phone camera to catch clearly but I did my best .

I also did a google search and found out what it was.

Launched in October 2014, Appliances Onlines Legend Blimp is 39 metres long and 11 metres wide – it’s the largest (and only!) blimp currently flying in the Southern hemisphere. The Legend Blimp never gets deflated, and the 13-strong crew includes two qualified pilots, two licensed aviation mechanics, a crew chief and a clerk, as well as ground staff that includes watch keepers and ground crew.


There is a blimp in the clouds there somewhere


Come back you’re going the wrong way !
That’s it just a bit closer for a better photo.


Ok… looks like I will have to crop to get a closer look.



Big deal I know… but it was cool at the time.




  1. This thing flew right over my house on the weekend. It was quite low and it was massive! I was so mesmerised by it I forgot to run inside and grab my camera. Thanks for sharing the info about it. 🙂

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