New beginnings


Hi d Hi

Due to a Frozen shoulder / Bursitis  I have decided to give Rug making a permanent miss.

The pain has been incredible and the healing process long..

I have however found a new hobby to relieve the stress of everyday living , photography which I sell thru Redbubble  and FineArt America as home decor items.

Artistic Photography The idea underlying it is that the producer of a given picture has aimed at something more than a merely realistic rendering of the subject, and has attempted to convey a personal impression”

( I’m not a professional photographer I don’t claim to be a photographer I do however capture moments with my Samsung S5.©Jboyle

I’m really excited and proud of my images. I have also tested the quality and items Redbubble     and  FineArt America  provide and am very happy with the service and quality so am pleased to have my images placed on products made and sold through them.

Many thanks for your support over the years and hope you all had a very Merry 2015 Christmas and are looking  forward to the New Year.

💋 Julianne


  • Rose bud by JulianneBRetro Red Steering wheel by JulianneBLuxury on wheels by JulianneBPercy Pelican by JulianneBBlack Swan by JulianneBGrevillea bloom by JulianneBI wish I may I wish I might by JulianneBEye of a Pelican by JulianneBSwim between the flags by JulianneBSeashell by JulianneBBleeding Heart by JulianneB

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