On-line but not on-line

I have been out of the loop for quite some time now,

Rug making has not been on the agenda , as I lost my mojo after a major  upset in my marriage/partnership  and a frozen shoulder.


I needed to re-invent and rebuild myself.

That’s all

Julianne xx



  1. I’m happy for your Julianne. Sometimes we have to go through heart ache in order to find and bring out something that is true to us. This is totally weird because I am actually doing the same thing this very moment – as I happen to be reading your post! I came to a cross road in my life, a very positive one, and feel I need to write and it trust me when I tell you it has absolutely nothing to do with color. Let’s do this journey together! Looking forward to your stories.


  2. I have noticed you aren’t around as much on the world circuit. I also know you started the outreach for Australia and NZ. All I ask is to please check in with the rest of us here who love you as well! Looking forward to better things!


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