image Beautiful Bea

60cm 3 1/2 hours

84cm,   6 1/2 hours  and not all that  happy with fabric choice but kept going ,thinking  , “it will be Ok ”  .


Nope I kept looking at it and it just didn’t feel right , so I

  undid 10cm and removed the fabric that was bugging me, (fabric before Green)

and introduced a better blending color.

Happy now..  🙂


Finished off  with a scalloped edge Just over 120cm in size.

Nearly 15 hours later Ta Da mission complete.

Packed and ready to travel.

beautiful bea

Beautiful Bea on her new rug
resides in
England.United Kingdom.



      • Your work is so inspiring. I keep thinking about trying to make my first rug, but haven’t been brave enough to start (not sure what fabric to use or how wide to make the strips etc). I will just have to keep popping back to your blog to see your beautiful designs until I manage to summon up the courage to try! x


      • Thank you 🙂 Google is a great resource. I’m self taught in rag rug making. I have a permanent blister on my finger as the fabric isn’t as giving as yarn. But I love the end result. ” A craft from the past, a Heirloom for the future”


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