image I’m not “just” a floor mat !

My floor rugs are all part of me..

They have taken days sometimes weeks to grow.

Each is individual… Unique.. and ..One of a kind.

They have their own characteristics and quirkiness,

so I thought it only fitting that each should be adopted ( sold ) with a special identity.

  In the orphanage (spare room) there are a few of my babies (floor rugs)

 anxiously awaiting the love and adoption from a family a child or even a pet.

Master Bobby (Adopted)

Miss Pickle (Adopted)

Lucky Miss Zara (Adopted)

Mr Hunter (Adopted)

Master Michael(Adopted)




  1. Gee your work is wonderful. I lost your site for a little while but I have now found you again and I am trying to catch up on all your wonderful creations. Good luck adopting out your lovely rugs.


    • thank you very much,
      I did have a name change from Vntage fabric floor mats to Hook and Linen but didn’t pay to have the site redirected.


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