image Nanna Rug makeover

  • Hi Julianne

     hope you remember who I am if not actually remembering me,

    I’m your cousin and it has been many many years since last our paths crossed.

    I have no idea how I lucked upon your web site but I believe it is one of those 6 degree things as I have a “Crochet” problem.

    A lifetime ago when I was living in London Grandma crocheted me a blanket in wool and sent it to me.

    It is this woolen blanket just crochet squares in some outrageous colours and it is in need of repair.

    I was going to throw it out but I am one of those people who value the picture of people making things for me, which means things like even tho my two children are 29 and 30 my Christmas decorations are still the paper chains they made at Kindergarten.

    No designer Christmas trees for me an eclectic collection of well worn and outdated “Bits”. But I digress. I was also looking for someone locally to repair it, I don’t crocheted, but to no avail so think that perhaps Grandma had a hand in this and thinks it would be a nice circle to have you repair it. So could I engage you to do some repairs on it for me?

    Our daughter lives on the Sunshine Coast and is getting married  September so we are driving up in August and thought I could drop it off to you rather than post it.

    Our daughter is our  little Bohemian and appreciates all things organic and their stories is going to have the blanket passed on to her .

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It was a beautiful get together after sooooooooooo many years and found we had alot in common. The wonders of the Internet.



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