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Hi there!

I believe you were the lady I had make a custom rug for my daughters room on eBay a few years back I just wanted to say I adore this rug still and it is still going strong! I wash it about once every six to eight weeks in my big 10kg machine and it always comes up like new here is a pic of it in our daughters room .


(authority to use wording and images have been given by client)


Talk about customer service! I bought a hand made rug from Hook & Linen before I had my baby in beautiful pinks, aquas and yellows because we thought we were having a girl. But we had a boy!!!!! So Julianne made us another rug (which took hours of her time) and swapped it for us!

elllena 001 (5)

You create the most devine floor art…. there is no other way to describe them, and I am the proud owner of 4 works of art from the talented Hook & Linen …. and display them with pride…xx


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