image Superior Interior ~ Rainbow rug

images via Superior Interiors


Tossing together some fabrics,


Good thinking Emilia ,sending me a fabric swatch as we all know monitors do have a way of altering colors

emilia 001


emilia 001 (3)

emilia 001 (2)

Plan B.

thumbs up oicon

emilia 003

emilia 001 (4)

Using fabric swatch to make sure colors are as close as can be.

emilia 003 (2)

match up looking good

emilia 003 (3)

Nearly done

emilia 001 (5)

Whoala!emilia 001 (6)

emilia 005 (2)

Clients Website:




  1. It looks great – I had no idea you got all technical with a computer to work these out! I thought you magically just saw it all in your head for some reason. I hope your client sends a photo when it reaches its new home – I’d like to see it in its proper setting.


    • Gee thanks Melinda , Little secret I do just see it my head that was Emilia ( Client) that did the color wheel percentage etc . But it a good idea and will be using now when a customer has a certain item they want to match up.


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