image Rag Rug and Cross stitch

It all began with a message on my face book page

asking if I could replicate a logo onto a rug.

 sure I’ll give a go.

then I saw the logo..


Gulp! How the heck was I going to do this

So offered to give it  a try .Being something I’m not that sure

I  could do I made the offer to make obligation free to purchase.

  hmm… now to figure out how to do it ?
so I started …
problem being, with a circle, you have to increase as you go around,
so   including the design kinda threw the shape out.
Then an idea Cross stitch
yes of course brilliant.!
 Not quite as easy as I thought ,
it took like…
a bit iffy , but , hey, it’s my very first attempt.
 What do you think? Still have a bit to do on it yet .. Is it Something you would be interested in .?
Thanks Julianne. It’s not really what I had in mind but thank you for trying it out. 
O Pooh!!!
ah well, it was  obligation free.
This rug did finially fly to a good home.


  1. Oh Julianne, I think the rug is beautiful. You did a fantastic job, I can hardly believe it was your first attempt at something like this…definitely something you should do more of, i think! Such a shame the lady couldn’t use it 😦


    • Thank you Nicole. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be my last attempt…I have another little method I’m going to try up my sleeve all will be revealed when mojo gets back from holiday. 🙂


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