image CustomOrder for 2 turns into 3 but ends up as 1

Today I thought I would  tell you a story on the Birth of

“James and Zara “

2 custom made Rugs

it was  such a big effort.

It all began with a   “Rug Mummy” sending an email… ( or 3)

Request was for one like this for   Zara

and the other like the above for James

Julianne replied…

All went well

 and on   20.7. 12  Zara   was born

Rug Mummy was very happy.. Julianne was happy..

Now, here comes  a twist …

The   Original inquiry from “Rug Mummy

for the “James”  rug was to be a Navy Blue ‘diamonds  in a star ‘

but that got changed during the making of Zara

for one like in  this photo.

All good, No Problem

”  James  ” was started.

( finding vintage grey fabric is harder than you would think.)

Any hoots  I  found some  then  after 70cm    I got an email from Rug Mummy ,

Sorry    another photo had been spotted  and could I do that instead.

ooooook no probs…

James then became Michael

Who by the  has been adopted  by a very loving  family and from the feed back I received

  is very much-loved.

Now Back to James..

This is  the  photo which Rug Mummy thought she would like better for her little man’s room.

(   Okey Dokey  , good not a worry  bit of a pain  but that’s OK …  )

  So James 2 was then in the making,

 to me the colors in this photo are blue

and the original request for the son’s rug  was blue so I started  in blue .

 again after about  70cm .. a   progress photo was sent  to   Rug Mummy ..

Nope not quite right wrong colors ..

   another photo was sent  by Rug Mummy to confirm the colors  she  was after,

hmmmm….Yep no worries  all good..

James 2  became Bertie

James #3

(not that we are counting  )  was started.

Once again  snaps shots were emailed off  with his progress

a few color changes and  family health issues  inbetween

by Rug Mummy  and Myself

  James was  finally born , 14.10.12

Unfortunately James adoption didn’t go thru  with Rug Mummy  😦

but am happy to report he has now been adopted by a family that already has 2 of my babies

@ Jammin Creations :)

  The Moral of the Story…. None really.. I just wanted to show  that

I aim to please no matter what ..

I respect and appreciate all the honest views ,suggestions  and feed back

from  the “Rug Mummies” when designing their babies.

 Nothing is a problem , may be a  bit of a pain at the time but it all comes

down to  you the prospective parent

being happy with your baby and if not well that’s Ok too.

Obligation Free.

P.S   Zara left  to join her ” Rug Mummy” 16.10. 12



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