image Wholesale .. Not yet…

The other day I was feeling a little depressed .

and posted on face book that I was going to “give up”.

Why was I feeling this way ?

Well…  I had been approached

  by several Bricks and Mortar / on-line shops to stock my babies.

The latest  being from a Swedish Retailer.

Big excitement !

But after much pondering re wholesale   it ended up my pieces

 would be to  expensive at Retail , as my margin would be my time

and  between you and me I don’t always   charge for all of it.

Another  cost to factor in  was the

  postal /shipping /courier costs totally outrageous!

Similar rugs   over seas  could be made and brought into Australia

cheaper than I could make and send out of Australia  ..

 image via:

I Seriously

  didn’t  realize  how many people actually read my Face book  posts

and  was taken aback by all the words of encouragement.

 So I took time out to think ..

I thunk and thunk  till the bell rang and then I thought…

 I’m not a registered business

I’m not doing it to make  a fortune (ain’t that the truth!)

and last but not least

 the reason for doing it  in the first place … Joy!

( who knows I may just consider stepping outside my square

and push the boundaries a bit further in the new year.)

But until then  …..



  1. Good for you – what a huge compliment to be paid! I had a similar request for my sock monkeys but by the time I calculated my expenses and time – I lost the reason I make them – not for the huge $$$$ (not) for the smile I get on little faces when they cuddle their monkey! Besides the retail shop would out price me and I really didn’t want to become just a production line!
    I love love love your gorgeous rugs and every post puts a smile on my face – just keep doing what you love to do!


  2. Great to hear! While it’s fantastic to be approached, and certainly a big confidence booster taht you really deserve, sometimes it’s nicer to just hang out in your own little world, doing your own little thing. There’s no pressure there and you make your own rules. Good for you Julianne! x


  3. You have such a way with words! I love the plan to eat a cookie when all else fails 😉 Your ‘babies’ are just stunning and the work you put into each piece shows. The joy of producing a work of art can often be enough. If making millions from your craft is not your goal then I say keep the joy alive and don’t make it all work, work, work 🙂 Leigh.xx


    • Haa ya think.! .. Thannks Leigh ..Yes you are right ,There is more to life than work, there should be more art and play . Your positive outlook is teaching me that . thank you 🙂 Julianne


  4. I must say, what an ego boost to be approached by companies for your work..You are very talented and there is not one thing you make that I dont love and wish I could have. I have seen many reason for you to be proud of your achievements and I love what you do and also your humor and wit…keep it all coming
    from one of many fans


    • Terri Your feed back is more rewarding than a wholesale ego boost any day. 🙂 Thank you so much for your support 🙂 Julianne


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