image Julia’s Statement Piece.

I was asked by a client who was doing a bedroom make over and had purchased a beautiful  new bedspread,to design a tapestry style rug in similar colors.


The rug would be a feature as you entered the room.

Up for the challenge I gathered fabrics


sent emails back and forth with ideas and

 by blending other features that would be in the room this is what we created.


I think  together we managed to get a statement piece for the room. Don’t you?

Thank you Julia for letting me share your   photo’s

Floor rug Design : Tapestry

Size : 100cm



  1. Thanks Julianne, the rug is perfect and add that final pizzazz to our bedroom. I call it the resort room as it is so fun and restful. Thanks again on a really great job. Your colour choices were spot on.


    • Julia, I’m so pleased that you are happy with it. I enjoyed making it with you. The bedroom looks beautiful .If you have any concerns with the floor rug be sure to contact me. 🙂


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