image Why do they cost so much?

 To make a Hand crocheted rug takes quite a bit more time and effort than you would think.

In fact they are very labour intensive.

Once I have sourced,washed, ripped, and rolled each fabric of color,

 I then start to crochet

At this stage the rug measures about 78cm and

has taken about 6 hours using approximately 15 sq metres of material

 Getting Bigger !

120cm  with about 14 hours  hand work

and approximately 45 sq metres  of material

Has now reached 140cm  has about 20 hours of  hand work.With near on 53 sq metres of material

I’ve noticed my  Tapestry design has taken  on a slightly hexagon look,

(  will try to round off with a few basic rows of color.)

Currently 150cm

…update 160cm 25 – 30 hours

….Still a work in progress..

Finished item is now 200cm

over 48 hours of hand work and approx 80 sq metres of Vintage fabric.

I then wash again and sun dry, each rug before sending to a new home.

( try it I’m sure you’ll appreciate the labor involved even more)

and if you are wanting to know how much a rug this size would cost… $990.00

Julianne x



  1. Wow,I found you and miss you on FB.I still wish I could find a way to get your rugs to USA In my shop.. I’m happy you got your Mojo back. Miss you much, Dee@ shabby confections shoppe.


    • Hi Dee .
      I’ve re opened my page on FB.
      I wish I could get some rugs in your shop also but the postage is just way too much to send International.
      Lovely to hear from you. Julianne


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