image Country Cottage Charm

  “Country Cottage Charm”

Hand crocheted fabric floor mats

country cottage


  Made from pre-loved cotton/poly cotton blend fabric strips,

Which are then hand crocheted in the traditional method using a large crochet hook.

 They are ideal for creating a warm and welcoming feel.

photo credit: ***Macarla Shepherd Photography***
photo credit:
***Macarla Shepherd Photography***

This style of flooring suits Shabby Country Chic and french farmhouse

but will also blend well with a variety of decor ,

photo credit:
***Macarla Shepherd Photography***

fabric rugs can change dramatically with the same pattern but different colors.

They are soft underfoot making them suitable in the Bedroom or Nursery


Being machine washable they are also perfect for the Kitchen, Family room, Bathroom or Laundry.


Fabric Rugs are hard-wearing and will last many years if correctly cared for.

My Rag Rugs are of a firm construction and reasonable heavy,

they contain many hours of pleasurable  uncountable hours of hand work.

Rag Rugs are suitable for any floor type


 but if you do plan to use on a smooth surface / bare floor

 please use a non slip pad underneath,

this helps them from slipping and prolongs the life of the mat



  1. your rugs are amazing!! I am inspired to create some more intricate rugs now. I just learned how to make my rag rugs, and now I know I must take them to the next level. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!!


    • Thanks Karly appreciate the feed back will keep playing with colors and themes,Its like teaching an old dog new tricks!


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